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What's wrong with my Cable?
While the most common causes of failures in twisted pair cabling include installation errors, defects found in poor-quality components (cables, connectors, patch cords, etc.), damage to the installed cable and incorrect tester set up, sometimes technicians want to know specifically WHY a link failed.
The future of fiber optics in the data center
Optical fiber cabling will be the only network connectivity capable of supporting data rates of 50Gb/s and beyond in typical network applications. This can be demonstrated by referencing state-of-the-
Three trends predicted for data centers in 2019
As the technology industry looks back with fondness to all we accomplished in 2018, we’re all excited for the endless possibilities of what 2019 will bring. The high-speed data center interconnect (DC
New Product Released: Modular Jack Termination Tool
After half a year's continuous improvement of our company, this convenient modular jack termination tool finally came into the market.
New Product Released: Easy Pull Dust Cover Keystone Jack
We would like to share with you our NEW type of Keystone jack ,with mainly 2 advantages:
8 Years VIP clients's containers have been loaded
Until today, There are two customer's cargo have been loaded in the past two weeks which included our company's hot selling products including:keystone jack, patch panel,patch cord cabinet and so on
Happy 2019 Labour'S Day
Fiber optic cable improves the speed of communication!
Fiber optic cable is substituting the copper cable for communication. One primary purpose of using the fiber optic cable is that it covers a vast distance of phone systems and network platforms