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European CE - certified CPR regulation EN50575
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European CE - certified CPR regulation EN50575

European CE - certified CPR regulation EN50575


1. Fire classification

Different fire rating testing and certification procedures are different. The factory needs to choose the fire rating according to the characteristics of wires and cables and the requirements of European customers. EN 13501-6:2014 classification of fire behavior of building products and components, classification of fire rating of wires and cables based on test data on reaction to fire tests.En13501-6 standard divides the cable into seven grades according to the heat release of wires and cables and the length of combustion failure. They are: en13501-6 Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca and Fca. The specific requirements of these 7 grades are as follows:

2. Performance stability evaluation and verification procedure (AVCP)

Choose the appropriate certification mode according to the fire rating of the cable: Aca, B1ca, B2ca and Cca apply for the certificate according to mode 1+, which needs factory audit, and product sampling test every year afterwards. Dca, Eca level according to mode 3 to apply, only need to announce the body to do the test can apply for the certificate. Fca rating does not require fire protection, and generally all products that fail these tests are classified as F rating.

3. Divide the cable EXAP product group

According to the classification of the series, if the wires and cables are the same series of products, you can apply for CPR certification according to a series, which can save a lot of testing costs.

①A product group shall be a specific series of products of the same basic construction (design) and voltage class.

②. Conductors belong to different product groups because of changes in either rigid or flexible structure or circular or shaped. EN 60228 specifies that class 1 and class 2 are hard conductors and class 5 and class 6 are soft conductors.

③. Confirm the product group, armoured layer (armoured layer) or concentric layers (concentric layer) can not only be as a conductor. Compared with no armoured or concentric layers of cable, sheathed or concentric structure of cable should be divided into different product groups.Armor and concentric conductors are different design elements.

④The same cable products group shall be produced by the same manufacturer with the same materials and the same design specification (such as international, national or industrial standards), only conductor size and number of cores differ.

⑤Which generic product group does the product group belong to:

(1) Single core unsheathed. 

(2) Single core sheathed (unarmoured);

(3) Multicore sheathed (unarmoured); 

(4) armoured single or multicore;

⑥The manufacturer shall provide cable construction drawings, inform the materials, and indicate whether each cable is round or flat.


4. Sample test

Follow the table below to find the corresponding test standards ISO 1716, EN 50399 EN 60331-1-2 EN 61034-2 and so on. It is important to note that these tests must be carried out in the EU's official notified body laboratories.

5. Compliance declaration DOP

If the fire rating is D or E, the notifying body issues a test report and then makes a compliance declaration DOP, in accordance with EN 50575.Then prepare other technical documents and you can paste the CE mark on the product.

If the fire rating is Aca, B1ca, B2ca and Cca, apply for the certificate according to mode 1+.After the end of the test, the factory shall review the production process control of the factory according to FPC. After the review is passed, a compliance declaration DOP will be issued, and then the product can be marked with CE mark and exported to Europe.