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Product upgrade:Empty patch panel with lock catch type cable manager

Date:Apr 15,2019



Copperled independent research and development Empty patch panel with lock catch type cable manager, has won a great deal of favor by our customers since it’s released in the April of last year& more than 10 of our customers have placed repeated orders in the past year. 


After our engineer several times using and testing in our server room as well as samples room and combine with some of our old customers' feedback, In order to better serve our customers, we have upgraded it, the main two advantages as below:



01: The width of cable manager support bar was increased by 2cm, then have more space to manage the cables during the installation.




02The bar of cable manager is foldable to reduce the size of package, so that to cut down freight charge for our customers.





We posted the video on Instagram, which was read by more than 10,000 people in just 24 hours and deeply loved by visitors


For more details information, please contact us sales@copperled.com

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