• Product Name: UTP Cat.6 Pre-terminated Trunk cable Grey color 5m

How to Choose Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable Assemblies
Copper trunk cable assemblies are an ideal solution for data center infrastructures and backbone applications where cable distances are reasonably predictable and can be easily determined. They play an important role in reducing installation time and cost, helping you deploy a reliable, easy-to-use copper trunking system. So, how to choose the most appropriate pre-terminated copper trunk cable assemblies for your network?
Which Types & Fire Ratings of Materials?
When selecting pre-terminated copper trunk cable assemblies, the first and important step is to select the types and fire ratings of materials of the assemblies. A right selection of this parameter can help minimize danger in the event of a fire. In general, you should consider whether to choose riser-rated cable or plenum-rated cable. For most data center today, riser environment is normal, where airflow is not a consideration. But for plenum spaces which do facilitate air circulations, including drop ceilings and raised floors, will generally require plenum-rated cable. Thus, consult the related departments before deciding on the type of cable for your network applications.