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SC FTTH Fiber Optic Pigtail

Product No.:CL-FTTH-SC0P Delivery Time: 15-20 days MOQ(Neutral): 100pcs Package: - Payment Term: Western Union, Paypal,T/T
Product description
  In the FTTH access communication, the mechanical bending and tensile strength performance of normal indoor fiber optic cable can not meet the demand of FTTH indoor wiring. With the demand of the market, low bending radius, high strength FTTH fiber optic pigtails appeared and will be widely used in FTTH access network.
  FTTH fiber optic pigtail is an indoor butterfly shaped fiber optic pigtail which is specially designed for FTTH. The optical fiber is positioned in the center, two parallel strength members are placed at two sides, then the cable iscompleted with a sheath and then the fiber optic connector is processed at one side of the cable.
  Producing and inspecting strictly in the factory ,good stability, good Physical end face.
  Simple structure,small bending radius,good performance of crush resistance,tensile strength and aging-resistant 
  Easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and pipeline wiring in the buildings. 
  Small diameter, light weight, more beautiful for indoor.
  The water blocking material in the FTTH cable enhance moisture-proof and reduce rain erosion.
  Can match with various fiber optic connector,shorten construction time.
Product application
  Telecom network, LAN, pipeline without weak current or more space, Flat bed without suspended ceiling ,distribution box to terminal box in each floor, distribution box in each floor to end user, reconstruction of old area and residential.

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