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  • Product Name: Standing Network Cabinet
  • Product No.: CL-SD-A
  • Added time: 2014-09-23
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 Exquisite design with precise measurement and craftsmanship;

 SPCC bending main frame, can be flat packing, easy to install;

 Toughened glass front door with over 180 turning degree; arc vented door border;

 Metal steel or hexagonal perforated rear door with little round lock, optional other lock;

 Removable side panel with latch, easy to install, optional lock;

 Adjustable feet and castors with braked are available simultaneously;

 Cable entry on the top, adjustable cable entrance at the bottom with panel;

 Advanced handle locks for front door, optional other lock;

 S-shaped mounting profile, free to move forward and backward;

 Efficient and reliable cabinet connection by baying kit;

 Earthling system kit on the side panel, front door and rear door;

 Optional plinth to fix cabinet on the floor; under base cable entry;

 Disassembled packing(modular packaging), about 40% of assembled volume;

Standard: ●Comply with ANS/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491, PART1, DIN41491,PART7, ETSI Standard;

Material: ● SPCC quality cold rolled steel ● Thickness: Mounting profile: 2.0mm; mounting angle: 1.5mm; other 1.2mm;

Loading Capacity: ● Static loading: 800kg (on the adjustable feet)

Degree of protection: ● IP20

Surface finish: ● Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphating, Powder Coated;

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