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  • Product Name: UTP 0.5u Cat.5e Patch Panel 24Port ( New type)
  • Product No.: CL-P2824U-C5E
  • Added time: 2013-09-16
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Main Description of The Product:
1.  24 ports patch panel, Cat.5e UTP type. The structure of each port of this patch panel is same which makes sure that the performance of each port is consistent.
2.  According to the standard of ISO/IEC 11801:2000 CLASS D and ANSI/TIA/EIA/568B  Cat.5e standard. T568A punching sequence and T568B punching sequence are both compatible. Fitting for horizontal distribution in the equipments room and equipments connecting.
3.  Connecting: FCC port for Cat.5e UTP patch cord and IDC for horizontal distribution cables.
4.  Compatibility: Compatible for UTP Cat.5e general cable distribution systems.
5.  IDC: 110 type or dual use type for your choice.
6.  0.5U 22.25mm height , 50% cabinet space can be saved , lower cost .
7.  New model of IDC terminal with much better peformance.


Technique Characteristics:
1.  Entire high-carbon steel outer frame, with plastic powder cladding.
2.  RJ45 jack frame material: PBT, golden plated phosphor bronze pins, Shielding shell of the RJ45 jack: Brass housing with nicket-plated; IDC clip: Tinned phosphor  bronze pins.
3.  Fitting for 22AWG/23AWG/24AWG cables, punching duration: 250 times. FCC ports  inserting duration: 750 times.
4.  Cabling sequence: T568A & B.
5.  Punching tool: Standard 110 tool for 110 IDC, Standard LSA tool for LSA IDC,Standard 110 tools or LSA tool for dual IDC.
6.  Testing condition of transmitting capability: 100MHz

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