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  • Product Name: LAN Cable UTP Cat.5e Solid 24AWG 305M/Box
  • Product No.: CL-24U-C5
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1. This kind of cable use bare copper to be the center conduction with the specification is 24AWG and PE to be the dielectric. The jacket is made of
fireproof material, which is so meanful to the Cat.5e communication.
2. This Cat.5e UTP cable is conform to the SIO/IEC, TIA/EIA and EN standards and the electrical characteristics are exceed the lastest Cat.5e standards.
3. LSZH: means "Low smoke zero halogen", which is the symbol of environmental protection.


1. Impedance: 100±15
2. Static electric capacity: max:17.1nf/kf
3. Resisitance: max:28.6/kf
4. Unbalance resisitance: max 5%
5. Unbalance capacity: max 330pF/100m
6. Roted communicate rate: 65%


1. Copper diameter: 24AWG
2. Outer diameter: 5.0mm
3. Weight: 10.5kg/kft
4. Minimum bend radius: O.D.*4-6
5. Maximum pulling tension: 10.0
6. Jacket material: PVC/LSZH
7. Roted temperature: -20~60℃


1. 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
2. 100VG-AnyLAN
3. Token ring
4. ATM155/ATM622 etc


1. ISO/IEC-11801
2. EN-50173
3. TIA/EIA-568B

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