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  • Product Name: SFTP Cat.6A Pre-terminated Trunk cable Grey color 7m
  • Product No.: CL-TR-STPC6AGY-7M
  • Added time: 2017-11-20
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Why You Need Pre-terminated Copper Trunk Cable?
How long have you ever spent on cable installation? As we all know, cable deployment in the network is a time-consuming work. However, with the help of pre-terminated systems and components, you can cut installation time effectively, for there is no need to do field terminations or splicing during installation.
Ø   3 and more connectors link reliable performance;
Ø   Ideal for Switch, Server, Storage and all key active devices interconnection in data center;
Ø   Factory Assembly and 100% field tester performance verified;
Ø   Plugged and instantly ready for use, significantly installation time & labor cost saving;
Ø   Elimination of installation performance variation due to installers or the space limit;
Ø   Each piece of patch cord test report will be sent by email and you can inspect any of them easily through the uniqueness corresponding number;
What Termination Type You Need?
To choose a right termination type based on the layout of the data center or telecommunications room, and the design philosophy employed is another important step when selecting copper trunk cable assemblies. The accessibility of the active equipment including servers, switches, etc. and the proper patching solution should be considered during selection.
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