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  • What do you suggest for the gold plating thickness of RJ45 connector?

    Per FCC standard, it is suggested to use 50U" (1.27um) gold plated on the contact area in order to provide better contact between male RJ45 plug and female jack. Also 50U" gold plating RJ connector can meet the reliability test based on IEC 60603-7.

  • Why do you have to upgrade to our Copperled Cat 8 RJ45 Cabling?

    Copperled's Cat 8 RJ45 solutions are designed to support Ethernet at rates up to 40 Gbps (40GBASE-T) for short distances up to 30 meters, which is a solution primarily for data centers. The Copper cabling solution is less costly for installation for the power usage and electronics costs. We do expect that in the future, Cat 8 solution becomes widely used, the switch and server connections supporting it will be much less expensive than fiber optics solutions. Besides, the 25/40GBASE-T standards support auto-negotiation, which provides convenience for data center users.

  • Why do you have to choose our Copperled special RJ45 Connector which can fit Cat 6A, Cat 7 or Cat 8 large size cable?

    Copperled provides you a few options to assembly large size copper cable. For the Cat 6A solution, our Cat6A STP Larger Diameter RJ45 Connector (P88R5Z50V2SIT-3Y-1.5MM) and Cat 6A STP Blue Field Termination RJ45 Connector (3J01-K01-00001) must be your best choice. For the Cat 8 solution, our Cat8 STP Field Termination RJ45 Connector (3J01-K01-00017) definitely matches your demand. The solutions for large cable management we EXW provides is from cable range 22AWG to 26AWG.

  • What copper material do you use for the patch cable?

    We use only pure bare copper on patch cables to guarantee our quality, we do not use any CCA or CCS or other materials. What is CCA wire? CCA is the abbreviation for “Copper clad aluminum"wire. Compare to pure copper wire, CCA wire is cheaper and in lower weight. However, the tensile strength of CCA wire is also lower than that of pure copper wire, and it is easier to be broken down. It may also cause transmission failure in construction. Even it is claimed to have the same conductivity with “slightly” higher resistance, there will be data loss in the transmission. This will cause the transmission speed to slow down and it won’t able to meet the transmission speed requirements in the long run. As more and more data is transmitted over the Internet cable and the application of PoE, these problems will eventually emerge. Long-term and reliable partnerships are not an easy job, we insist to pure copper wire only, with 100% component test. We provide reliable structured cabling products to our partners and continue to deliver good quality products to our customers

  • What is the advantage of our Copperled Plug ?

    Copperled has a three-prong design contact blade that can fit both stranded and solid cable. You can save your budget for stocking two types of blade plugs. The base material of our blade is nickel which the thickness of a nickel is 60U"~90U". And we can provide you the gold plate which the thickness of gold could be up to 50U".