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Empty Patch Panels

The Empty patch panel often refers to an unloaded patch panel or know as a blank patch panel or modular patch panel even a keystone jack patch panel, different from a loaded patch panel with built-in RJ45 ports, the empty patch panel is designed with 24/48 reserved holes. The empty slots allow one to install different keystone jackets, the empty patch panel also can terminate different cables while different connectors fit on, and one same patch panel enables several types of cables to be connected. Copperled Empty Patch panel often available in 24-port 1U  48-port 2U and high-density 48-Port 1U, both in straight and angled type, designed to accommodate keystone jacks such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat.6A and Cat.8.  

Except for the unloaded Patch Panel and empty patch panel, there are also unshielded and shielded empty patch panels for you to choose from Copperled. 

Types of Empty Patch Panels

Types of Empty Patch Panels

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