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Cat.6A LAN Cables

Copperled Cat.6A LAN Cable is designed for improved crosstalk performance between cables applying in 1000Base-T Ethernet with up to 500MHz bandwidth. Skin-foam-skin insulation and pair shield design make the cable with excellent shidling&anti-EMI Performance. Copperled has LAN cable for sale, Cat.6A LAN Cable RoHS/REACH compliant comply with ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 IEC61156-5, EN50173 & IEC 11801. As a professional Cat 6A Cable supplier, Copperled provides our clients the most qualified Cat.6A LAN Cable at reasonable prices!

What is the difference between CAT6 and CAT6a cable?

  • Appearance

The network cable cat 6a will be thicker, for two reasons, because CAT 6a data cable has two layers of shielding layer, and the core will be thicker, cable Lan CAT6 has a unique cross skeleton structure. As we all know, the thickness of the core is an important index that affects the transmission rate and is generally proportional. Whether it is a CAT6 or CAT6a cable, the high-quality core is made of oxygen-free copper, which also determines that the network cable can transmit data with low attenuation and high efficiency. We can judge the material of the core by the color of the cross-section of the core.

  • Data

CAT6a Lan cable core is about 0.58mm, the maximum speed up to 10000mbps, bandwidth: 500MHz, cable diameter about 7.8mm.

CAT6 core is about 0.56mm, the maximum speed is 1000Mbps, the bandwidth is 250MHz, and the cable diameter is about 6.2mm.

Through the above comparison, the CAT6a cable far exceeds CAT6.

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