Copperled Technology Co., Ltd.
Copperled Technology Co., Ltd.

Marketing Support

ü  Technical Datasheets for all products.

ü  HD photos for all products.

ü  Branded Products and Packaging

ü  Support our Customers with Exhibitions, Advertising pamphlet. Samples, gift with branded logo.

ü  Constantly updated website to latest 6th version.

ü  Digital and Printed Catalogue available.

ü  Technical support from Products manager with extensive knowledge.

ü  New products constantly share.

ü  Hot sell and popular products constantly share.

ü  Copper cabling& Fiber cabling latest development trend news share.

ü  Copper, PVC, Cold rolled steel, fiberglass, etc. main material fluctuation.

ü  Information or Material fluctuation curve share.

ü  Freight charge fluctuation information share.

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