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Cat.7 LAN Cables

Copperled Cat.7 LAN Cable with Skin-foam-skin insulation and Pair-shield construction design has excellent shielding Performance of anti-EMI, easy to realize 600Mhz bandwidth. All the performance parameters of Cat.7 ethernet cable for sale comply with the requirement of Cat.7 of IEC 61156-5&EN 50173. Welcome to have an inquiry about the Cat.7 ethernet cable price! Copperled is a reliable LAN cable manufacturer, contact us now to buy Cat.7 ethernet networking cable.

What's the difference between CAT6 and CAT7 LAN cables?

  • Conceptual differences

CAT6 provides a comprehensive attenuation to crosstalk ratio of at least 200MHz and an overall bandwidth of 250MHz. CAT 7 Lan can provide at least 500MHz comprehensive attenuation to crosstalk ratio and 600MHz overall bandwidth.

The performance improvement of the CAT7 cabling is very obvious, which makes the transmission capacity and attenuation level of the copper cable medium close to the performance of the optical fiber.

  • Structural differences

Cable Lan CAT 6 cabling system can use both UTP and STP, while CAT7 cabling system is only based on shielded cable. In the CAT7 networking cables, each pair of wires has a shielding layer, and four pairs of wires together have a common large shielding layer.

Non-RJ type CAT7 adopts double-shielded cable, which can meet the needs of areas where shielded twisted pair system is dominant.

  • Differences incapacity

The parameters of CAT 7 ethernet cable require that all pairs of wires provide at least 60dB of integrated near-end winding at 600MHz. However, the CAT 5e Lan only requires 43db in 100MHz. The value of CAT6 at 250MHz is 46db.

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