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Fiber Optic Cable

Optic fibers are generally known for transmitting communication signals over thin strands of plastic. Its main focuses are on data communications applications, containing internet connections, cable TV, telephony, local area networks, control and industrial communications, intrusion and alarms sensors, closed-circuit video monitoring, and multiple other uses. The main advantages are Faster data speeds, lower costs, longer distance, Smaller size, improved security, Electrical isolation.

Copperled Fiber cable mainly included two parts, one if Outdoor Optic cable, like GYXTW, GYTA, GYTC8A, ADSS, etc. And GYXTW and GYTC8A are the most hot demand, The Indoor Optic cable is included Multi Purpose Break-out Cable,2 Fiber Duplex Indoor Cable, and Tight Buffered Fiber, etc. 

In addition, if you have a request for a special structure of Fiber cable, just tell us your request, we are able to customize for you.

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