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Cat.6 Keystone Jacks

More than 20 different models of Cat.6 Keystone jacks are available for Copperled. We offer Cat.6 female to female keystone of great quality. From the common one CL-KJU-C601 to the latest new model CL-KJU-C614, Coppereld keeps developing new products since 2006, and every 2-3 months one or 2 models of new keystone jack will be released according to the market request. At the same time, Copperled has provided the OEM keystone jack to more than 300 customers in the past 10 years. More details about Cat.6 data jack are in the following. You will be next? Try Copperled.

Models of Cat.6 Keystone Jacks

Models of Cat.6 Keystone Jacks

  • CL-KJU-C601
    Most competitive price for UTP 90 degree.
  • CL-KJU-C604
    Most favourable price for UTP 180 degree.
  • CL-KJS-C607
    Most hot sell model for FTP Keystone jack.
  • CL-KJU-C614 CL-KJU-C619
    Newly release models get more fans.
  • CL-KJU-C618
    Prefer LED keystone jack, choose this one.
  • CL-KJU-C605
    Hot sell type for toolless 90 degree
  • CL-KJU-C6L1
    Hot sell type for tooless 180 degree
  • CL-KJU-C6I5
    Most hot sell Inline coupler for UTP
  • CL-KJS-C608
    Price competitive Inline Coupler for FTP.
  • CL-KJU-C606
    North&South American buyers like more this model.
  • CL-KJU-C617
    Higher quality for UTP Keystone jack
  • CL-KJS-C609
    Higher quality for FTP Keystone Jack
  • Video1 Video1
  • Video2 Video2
  • Video3 Video3

Is there a difference between Cat.5e and Cat.6 keystone jacks?

  • Differentiate by packaging

  • Differentiate by modules

The chips in the Cat.6 keystone modules have a certain degree of bending and are juxtaposed in the center of the top. The chips of Cat.5e are inserted vertically and obliquely side by side.

  • Differentiate by modular plugs

Cat.6 is Gigabit, generally used in core and backbone, mainly used in backbone network access, the transmission of video, audio, etc., while Cat.5 is 100M, generally used in desktop. Whether the distribution frame is universal or not depends on whether it is of the same brand. Most of the distribution frames of brands over Cat.5e and Cat.6 are universal but shielded and unshielded cannot be universal.

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