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  •  Fiber Optic System CLFTTHIC
     Fiber Optic System CLFTTHIC


Basic Data of CLFTTHIC

Product No.: CLFTTHIC

Delivery Time: 15-20days

MOQ(Neutral): 2KM

Package: -

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Formal order: T/T

  •  Fiber Optic System CLFTTHIC

Description of CLFTTHIC

The optical fiber unit is positioned in the centre. Two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are placed at the two sides. Then the cable is completed with a black or color LSZH sheath.

Characteristics of CLFTTHIC

  • Special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission property;

  • Two parallel FRP strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber;

  •  Simple structure, light weight and high practicability;

  •  Novel flute design, easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and maintenance;

  • Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.

Optical Characteristics of CLFTTHIC








≤3.5 dB/km

≤3.5 dB/km


≤1.5 dB/km

≤1.5 dB/km


≤0.45 dB/km

≤0.50 dB/km


≤0.30 dB/km


Bandwidth (Class A)


≥500 MHz·km

≥200 MHz·km


≥1000 MHz·km

≥600 MHz·km

Numerical Aperture



Cable Cut-off Wavelength λcc



Technical Parameters oof CLFTTHIC

 Storage/Operating Temperature : -20℃ to + 60℃

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