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  •  Fiber Optic System CLOPCC00
     Fiber Optic System CLOPCC00


Basic Data of CLOPCC00

Product No.: CLOPCC00

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  •  Fiber Optic System CLOPCC00

Description of CLOPCC00

The fibers,250μm,are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The cable core is FRP or metallic strength member( some structures need add PE as bedding layer in the strength member). Electric wires and tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular cable core. The cable core is filled with the filling compound to protect it from water ingress. After two sides PSP are longitudinally applied over the inner sheath ,the cable is completed with PE or LSZH outer sheath.

Characteristics of CLOPCC00

  • Good flexibility and mechanical properties

  • Opto and electricity integrated, fully save pipeline resources

  • Electric and optical cable maintain relatively independent structure, easy to import,export and link when installation

  • Electricity lines, telephone lines, television lines, network lines, monitor lines and data lines are multi-one network, saves costs

  • Larger operating temperature range

  • Larger construction temperature range

  • Cable diameter and bending radius are small, freely install in small space and compatible with optical signal and electric energy transmission

Technology advantages of CLOPCC00

  • Perfect design for transmission lines, highly effect for electricity saving.

  • Opto and electricity integrated, conveys electric energy and information at the same time, and keep monitoring wire lines

  • Optical fiber compounded in the wire, preventing fiber broken and split accidents by ground lightning

  • Preventing cable suffered corrosion, ruinning or fiber broken accidents caused by field streng

  • Additional load brings no hidden danger for original lines

Application Fields of CLOPCC00

  • Telecommunications network

  • Construction of communication base stations in villages, remote areas in cities and towns

  • Residential areas and buildings FTTH

  • Security monitoring project

  • Others occasion which information together with electric power at the same time

Standards of CLOPCC00

Stretching, crushing, impacting, repeated bending, torsion, winding and loss complies with YD / T 901-2001.

Optical Characteristics of CLOPCC00

Maximum attenuation@850nm


Typical attenuation@850nm


Minimum bandwidth@850nm

Technical Parameters of CLOPCC00

ItemTechnical SpecificationsRemark
Bending RadiusStatic20D
(N)Short Term3000
Tensile StrengthLong Term1500

Short Term3000
Crush ResistanceLong Term1000
Operating Temperature rangeElectric wire-15℃~+70℃Comply with GB5023-1997
Other materials except electric wire-40℃~+70℃

No water leak if immersed in water for long timeExcept
Water-blocking / Waterproof Performancewire conductor

No electric leakage
Construction Temperature range-20℃~+60℃Except electric wire
0℃~+60℃electric wire
Weight347kg/km (RV-2*2.5mm)
382kg/km (RV-4*2.5mm)
502kg/km (RV-6*2.5mm)
628kg/km (RV-8*2.5mm)
Mechanical PropertiesStretching, crushing, impacting, repeated bending, torsion, winding and loss comply with YD / T 901-2001
Applicable System of LayingSuitable for pipe, channel, cable trenches, aerial, direct burial and so on

Storage/Operating Temperature : -20℃ to + 60℃

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