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Attention for Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Publish Time:2021,03,22

The optical wavelength absorbed and emitted by both sides of the fiber optic cable patch cord transceivers must be same. In other words, the two sides transceivers must have same optical wavelength, which can be simply distinguished by transceivers' hue. Generally, optical transceiver with medium-short wavelength is applied to multi-mode fiber (orange optical fiber), while long wavelength is applied to single mode fiber(light yellow optical fiber), to transfer the data accurately. The optical fiber can not be bent or circled too much, as it may add the attenuation index during the optical transition process.


The optical fiber connector must be well protected by covers after the application of fiber optic cable patch cord. The dust and oil stains will damage the coupling of the optical fiber.

Use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean the optical fiber connector if it's contaminated. Otherwise the communication quality will be influenced.

Clean the ceramic ferrule and core of optical fiber jumper with alcohol and medicinal cotton before applying.


The minimum bending radius of optical fiber is 30mm.


Protect the ceramic ferrule and core away from gouges and environment contamination. Put on a dust cap immediately after opening.


4. Do not stare at the optical fiber core when the optical maser transfer the data and signal.


5. Replace the fiber optic cable patch cord immediately when it's damaged by people or force majeure.


6. Read the instructions carefully before installing. Install and adjust under the guidance of technical engineers from manufactures or agents.


7. Test with contingency enumeration approach when optical network or system software under abnormal conditions. Use conduction test approach to test or clear fiber omission contingency. It shows that normally the laser pointer can be used to distinguish all optical fiber lines by protocol lighting. Or test various index by using a high-precision optical fiber return tester. If the index value is within the range of compliance, the fiber omission indicates that everything is normal, and vice versa.

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