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Functional Requirements of the Fiber Optic Patch Panel​

Publish Time:2021,04,15

Ⅰ. Application of the fiber optic patch panel

The fiber optic patch panel is used for the termination and distribution of the backbone optical cable of the local side in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution and dispatch of optical fiber lines. With the increasing degree of network integration, there has been an optical-digital hybrid patch panel integrating ODF, DDF, and power distribution units, which is suitable for small and medium-sized wiring systems of fiber to the cell, fiber to the building, remote module and wireless base station.

Ⅱ. Functional requirements of the fiber optic patch panel:

1. Fixed protection of the optical cable

The fiber optic patch panel shall have an equipment for the introduction, fixing and protection of optical cable. The equipment introduces and fixes the optical cable on the rack to protect the optical cable and the fiber core in the cable from damage. The metal part of the optical cable is insulated from the metal rack, and the metal sheath and reinforcing core of the fixed optical cable should be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device.

2. Termination function of the optical fiber

The fiber optic patch panel shall have an optical fiber termination equipment. The equipment is convenient for the splicing operation, construction, installation and maintenance of optical cable core and pigtail optical. It can fix and protect the joint parts and keep them straight without displacement, avoid the influence of external force, and ensure that the coiled optical cable core and pigtail optical are not damaged.

3. Wire dispatch function

With the help of the optical fiber jumper connector plug, it can quickly and conveniently dispatch the core serial number in the optical cable and change the path sequence of the optical transmission system.

4. The protection of optical cable core

After the optical cable is stripped, there are a protection equipment for the core, and a termination equipment for the introduction of the optical fiber after being fixed.

5. Capacity

The capacity of each rack and unit capacity (determined by the number of adapters) shall be specified in the product enterprise standard, and the optical fiber termination equipment, optical fiber storage equipment, and optical fiber connection and distribution equipment shall be able to be configured as a complete set within the full capacity range.

6. Identification and record function

The rack and unit should have a complete identification and recording equipment to easily identify the core serial number or transmission path sequence, and the recording equipment should be easy to modify and replace.

7. The storage function of optical fiber

There should be enough space in the rack and unit to store the remaining optical fiber.

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