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How The Cabling Industry Can Prepare For 5G?

Publish Time:2019,02,25

Consumers currently utilize so much data with regular internet use as well as streaming and the increased connectivity needed for the Internet of Things (IoT). Over time, more information will need to be transmitted than available bandwidth can support. 5G will broaden the network’s ability to handle the quantity of data and enable us to continue maintaining steady growth. Economically, 5G is a great equalizer. It allows small businesses the same opportunities as larger ones in terms of connectivity.


The implementation of 5G is set to have a significant impact on infrastructure design. One of the most significant changes involves the need for antennas due to signal traveling a shorter distance

Because of these significant expected infrastructure changes as well as the impending threat of conduit congestion, the need to futureproof is now. The cabling industry knows that 5G is the future and taking forward-thinking steps will only help down the road.

Currently, we hear more about the consumer side of 5G and how that will impact mobile devices and their connectivity. Many predict that implementation will be a slow transition. For example, cell phones compatible with 5G will take some time to become the norm in consumers’ everyday lives. Although Verizon and Samsung will launch U.S. 5G smartphones in the first half of 2019, Apple recently announced it will not release a 5G-compatible iPhone until 2020. It’s likely that the first to integrate 5G will be businesses and even perhaps the gaming community.

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