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New Product Released: Modular Jack Termination Tool

Publish Time:2019,06,28

After half a year's continuous improvement of our company, this convenient modular jack termination tool finally came into the market. Now we would like to share it with you about main features:

Main Features:

Ø Terminates Copperled: UTP Cat.6 Keystone Jacke 180 Degree (CL-KJU-C619);

Ø Terminates and cuts 8 conductors at once;

Ø Time saving created substantial cost savings;

Ø Ability to maintain consistent termination will increase system performance, reduce troubleshooting and re-terminations;

Ø It can be terminated only by a hand, it’s much more convenient during the construction environment;

Ø 1PC of the tool can be sent FREE when buying every 4000pcs of Copperled UTP Cat.6 Keystone Jack 180 Degree.

the same function of the tool from Tyco Amp is around USD128.8-198.8/PC.


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