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  • Fiber Optic System CL-FPR2-24
    Fiber Optic System CL-FPR2-24

FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port , 19

Basic Data of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port, 19

FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port , 19" 1U Rack mounted

Product No.: CL-FPR2-24

Delivery Time: 15-20 days

MOQ(Neutral): 100 Pieces

Package: Neutal or OEM Packing box

Payment Term: Western Union, Paypal, T/T

  • Fiber Optic System CL-FPR2-24

Dimension ( L×W×H ):


Features of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port , 19

  • The shell is high intensified & insulated material, thus having excellent mechanic performance ,It is solid and durable

  • Fiber in put:4

  •  Adapters output:24

  •  Strength core and shell was Insulation,add with grounding lead

  •  Can be installed against wall

  •  Full accessories for convenient operations

Performance of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port , 19

  • Excellent design

  • Maximum cores 24

  • Fiber lead 、grounding and perfect fixup 、 reliable

  • Pigtail fixup reliable and perfect protection

  • Apply to extensive field

  • Convenient operations and maintenance

 Specifications of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port , 19

  •  Environment temperature:-25℃~+45℃

  •  Relative humidity:≤85%(30℃)

  •  Atmosphere pressure:70~106KPa

  •  Insulated Resistance:≥2×10MΩ/500V(DC)

  • Intensity≤15KV(DC)/1minno spark-over and no flying arc

  • Fiber bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm:≥40mm

 Applications of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port , 19

It is applicable for straight-through connection and diverged connection in aerial layout , duct and direct buried. It can protect fiber connectors.

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