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  • Fiber Optic System CL-FPRD-24
    Fiber Optic System CL-FPRD-24

FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port 19

Basic Data of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port 19

FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port 19" 1U Rack Mounted (Drawer Style, FC/ST/LC are available)

Product No.: CL-FPRD-24

Delivery Time: 15-20 days

MOQ(Neutral): 100 Pieces

Package: Neutal or OEM Packing box

Payment Term: Western Union, Paypal, T/T

  • Fiber Optic System CL-FPRD-24

Application of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port 19

The product can be used on the terminal of the optical cables,different types and structures,the diameter of which are within 20mm tray.

Structural Features of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port 19

  • All property indexes are in accordance with national YD/T814-1996 standard

    The body make use of cold rolling steel,and the surface use the technique of dim

    plastic.strong adhesive force,artistic and durable.

  • Distinctive design of 4 cable enrance and fiber exit of 24 cores duplex SC


  • Cable entrance are sealed with oil resistance NBR to increase the flexibility.user

    can choose to prick the entrance.

  • Overlapping fiber splice tray and separate insulation earthing unit make the

    disposition of the cores ,expanding the capacity and cable-earthen

  • flexible,convinient and safe.

Main Technical Specifications of FO Patch Panel SC Type 24Port 19

  • External size: 480*250*1U

  • Winding radius ≥40mm

  • Fiber capacity: 48cores

  • installing: rack mounted

  •  Working temperature:-25℃~+45℃

  • Atmosphere pressure:70~106Kpa

  • Insulated Resistance:2×10MΩ/500V(DC)

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