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  • Patch Panel CL-U24P-C6A02
    Patch Panel CL-U24P-C6A02
  • Patch Panel CL-U24P-C6A02
    Patch Panel CL-U24P-C6A02

UTP 0.5U Cat.6A Patch Panel 24 Port

Basic Data of UTP 0.5u Cat.6A Patch Panel 24Port

Product No.: CL-U24P-C6A02

Delivery Time: 15-20 days

MOQ(Neutral): 300 Pieces

Package: Neutral or OEM Packing box

Payment Term: Western Union, Paypal, T/T

  • Patch Panel CL-U24P-C6A02
  • Patch Panel CL-U24P-C6A02

Main Description of The Product of UTP 0.5u Cat.6A Patch Panel 24Port

  • 0.5U 22.25mm, 50% space saved.

  • UTP Cat. 6A/Cat. 6/Cat. 5e are available in this type of CAT 6a patch panels.

  • 24 ports patch panel, Cat.6A UTP type. The structure of each port of this Patch panel is same which makes sure that the performance of each port is Consistent.

  • According to the standard of ISO/IEC 11801: 2000 CLASS E and ANSI/TIA/EIA/568B. 2-1 Cat. 6 standard. T568A punching sequence and T568B punching sequence are both compatible. Fitting for horizontal Distribution in the equipments room and equipments connecting.

  • Connecting: FCC port for Cat.6A UTP patch cord and IDC for horizontal Distribution cables.

  • Compatibility: Compatible for UTP Cat.6A general cable Distribution systems.

  • IDC: 110 type or LSA type for your choice.

Technique Characteristics of UTP 0.5u Cat.6A Patch Panel 24Port

  • Entire high-carbon steel outer frame, with plastic powder cladding.

  • RJ45 jack frame material: PBT, golden plated phosphor bronze pins, Un-Shielding shell of the RJ45 jack: Brass housing with nicket-plated; IDC clip: Tinned phosphor bronze pins.

  • Fitting for 22AWG/23AWG/24AWG cables, punching duration: 250 times. FCC ports inserting duration: 750 times.

  • Cabling sequence: T568A & B.

  • Punching tool: Standard 110 tool for 110 IDC, Standard 110 tool or LSA tool for Dual IDC.

  • Testing condition of transmitting capability: 500MHz

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