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Splitter distribution box 24 fibers

Basic Data of Splitter distribution box 24 fibers

Product No.: CL-FTTH-0324

Delivery Time: 15-20 days

MOQ(Neutral): 100pcs

Package: -

Payment Term: Western Union, Paypal,T/T

  • cl ftth 0324 1

Application of Splitter distribution box 24 fibers

The FDB is made of high strength materials,UV resistance,waterproof,maximum capacity up to 24cores,with perfect space design,a variety of PLC splitter can be installed,it can be used in indoor and outdoor environment,safe,reliable,cost-effective,and provide the best solutions for FTTH optical acess networks.

Specifications of Splitter distribution box 24 fibers



Cable entries

♦3 Nos. φ12mm ports: 2ports are suitable for inlet/outlet

1 No. φ6-8mm cable for mid-span,1 port is suitable for φ6-8mm cable branching.

♦16 Nos. for 2x3mm drop cable

Splicing Tray

12/24 fiber per tray





PLC splitter

2 Nos. 1:8(or 2:8) Module/cassette/Blockless/Bare PLC splitter

No. of Adapter

Max. SC/APC Adapter 24pcs

IP rating


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