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The 21st CIOE 2019 In Shenzhen.

Publish Time:2019,09,05

China's international optoelectronics expo is a comprehensive exhibition of the optoelectronics industry with great scale and influence, covering optoelectronics industry chains such as optical communication, laser, infrared, precision optics, optoelectronics innovation, civil-military integration, optoelectronics sensing, and data center. As a professional exhibition covering the whole industry chain of optoelectronics, CIOE China optical fair has become the preferred platform for market expansion and brand promotion of many enterprises, but also provides a professional platform for people in the industry to find new technology and new products, understand the market opportunities of one-stop business, technology, and academic exchanges.


Our company participated in the exhibition this year. During this trip, we have gained a lot. The light expo has demonstrated the most cutting-edge products and transmitted the most advanced concept in our industry. And it also a guide and spur to our company, do you have any idea want to share with us, we will be very happy to talk with you!

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