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The Difference Between Structured Cabling System and Traditional Cabling System

Publish Time:2021,05,06

Ⅰ. What is a structured cabling system

Structured cabling system refers to the transmission line installed in an office building or building group. This transmission line can connect all voice and digital devices and connect them with the telephone switching system.

The structured cabling system includes all cables and various accessories arranged in the building group, such as switching equipment, various user equipment interfaces, and interfaces with external networks, but it does not include switching equipment. From the user's point of view, the structured cabling system is a network cabling system that uses a set of standard networking devices and is implemented in accordance with standard connection methods.

Ⅱ. The biggest difference between structured cabling system and traditional cabling system

1. The structure of the structured cabling system has nothing to do with the location of the currently connected equipment. In the traditional cabling system, where the equipment is installed, the transmission medium must be laid.

2. The structured cabling system is based on the structure of the building, pre-wired all the possible locations of the equipment in the building, and then according to the actual connected equipment, adjust the internal jumper device to connect all the cables. The equipment is connected. The interface of the same line can be connected to different communication devices, such as telephones, terminals or microcomputers, or even workstations or hosts.

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