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Trends For 5G, Fiber Needed!

Publish Time:2019,11,06

Fiber is the workhorse of today's global network infrastructure.

When the coming of 5G, your first thought likely is about fiber networks running under the ground. Yes, and in fact, 5G's formidable network performance goals are heavily predicated on the availability of fiber, and lots of it, to cell sites.

5G mobile networks will significantly affect both the wireless side (obviously!) and the wireline side of the global network infrastructure.


Strands of glass thinner than a human hair are today’s superhighways of the telecom industry in all parts of the global network infrastructure, from access to an ultra-long-haul submarine, and everything in between. The information-carrying capacity of optical fibers has proven to be essentially limitless for decades, alongside other coveted benefits related to security, cost/bit, power consumption, and ease of installation and maintenance when compared to electrical communication mediums, such as copper.


Will fiber continue to be the workhouse for high-speed communications going forward, in all parts of the global network infrastructure? The answer is a resounding – YES – and it penetrates in all parts of the global network infrastructure, in order to maintain pace with voracious bandwidth demands from the world over.

When it comes to the network infrastructure, Takfly, with more than 10 years of experience in the fiber industry, can totally assist you to fulfil your FTTH, FTTA, FTTB projects with all these fiber optic products, like ODF, FDT, Joint Closure, Distribution box, Patch cords, PLC Splitter, Fiber Cable, Media Converter, or Fiber Switch, etc.

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