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What Are the Advantages of Structured Cabling?

Publish Time:2021,05,20

1. Convenient management of structured cabling system

The structured integrated cabling system uses standardized cables and plug modules, which is very convenient for the management of information points on each floor and between the floors, so that a large number of terminal equipment caused by office relocation and other factors, when the phone is moved, only need to pull out the plug, insert it into a new position, and then do jumper processing in the weak current equipment room or just make some software changes, then it can be put into use again.

Structured cabling system is unlike traditional cabling systems, which is no unified standard. When the equipment needs to be moved, it will bring a lot of management inconvenience or need to re-wiring, and will cause greater damage to the internal structure of the building.

2. The structured cabling system has strong expansion capabilities

Because the Category 5 unshielded twisted pair can provide 155Mbps information transmission capacity, in addition to meeting the needs of various networks at present, it can also meet the needs of future development.

According to the two advantages of the above-mentioned structured integrated cabling system, combined with the actual weak current systems of the building, it is concluded that only the telephone system and the computer network system are developmental and unstable. We generally incorporate the wiring of the telephone system and the computer network system into the structured integrated cabling in the weak current design, while other weak current systems remain relatively independent and still use the traditional wiring method.

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