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Bare copper cable VS. CCA cable

Publish Time:2021,11,11

Copper Clad Aluminum VS Copper

What is CCA wire?

CCA is the abbreviation for  "Copper-clad aluminum" wire. Composed of an inner aluminum core and outer copper cladding, CCA cables are often used for voice coils in headphones or loudspeakers, as well as for some RF and bonding and grounding applications.

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Significantly lighter than pure copper and yet stronger than pure aluminum, CCA cables have been used for some electrical applications to avoid issues inherent with aluminum wire connections and also because they are less expensive than pure copper. CCA cables are not compliant with UL and TIA standards, both of which required solid or stranded copper conductors.

How to Identify CCA?

CCA cable is much less expensive than copper structured cabling, and it is also noticeably more brittle. It can be easily identified by looking for the silver color at the end of the conductors or by scraping away the thin copper surface on the conductors to reveal the aluminum.


Another sign is weight. Boxes of CCA cable weigh substantially less than solid copper cables.

Copper VS Copper Clad Aluminum

The tensile strength of CCA wire is also lower than that of pure copper wire, and it is easier to be broken down. It may also cause transmission failure in construction. Copper Data Cabling is one of the most common copper cabling types that Copperled installs. Structured Ethernet cabling, in the walls, floors, and ceilings, has solid copper conductors and can support longer distances as opposed to stranded copper conductors, which you would find in Patch Leads, usually for shorter distances up to 10m. This is very different from Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) which has very different characteristics from solid copper. CCA cables should be avoided especially if you intend to have devices that require power to be sent over the Ethernet cable, PoE.

As more and more data is transmitted over the Internet cable and the application of PoE, these problems will eventually emerge. Long-term and reliable partnerships are not an easy job, Copperled insists on the pure copper wire only, with a 100% component test. Copperled provides reliable products to our partners and continues to deliver good quality products to our customers.

Copperled uses only pure bare copper on patch cables to guarantee our quality.

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Nov. 11th, 2021

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