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Characteristics and Applications of Fiber Patch Cord

Publish Time:2022,01,19

Fibre Channel protocols are generally transmitted on two media-optical cables and copper cables. From the difference in light waves that can be conducted internally, optical fibers are divided into two types: single-mode (transmitting long-wavelength lasers) and multi-mode (transmitting short-wavelength lasers):

1. Single-mode optical fiber: Generally, the fiber patch cord is yellow, and the connector and protective cover are blue; the transmission distance is longer. The connection distance of a single-mode fiber optic cable can reach 10 kilometers.

2. Multi-mode optical fiber: Generally, the fiber patch cord is indicated by orange, and some are represented by gray, and the connectors and protective covers are in beige or black; the transmission distance is short.

The connection distance of the multi-mode optical cable is much shorter, 300 meters or 500 meters (mainly depending on the difference of the laser, there are generally two types of light sources that produce short-wavelength lasers, one is 62.5, the other is 50). In addition, there are two types of connector parts of the optical cable. The SC interface is a 1GB interface, and the other is the LC interface is a 2GB interface.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of the fiber patch cord

1. Stainless steel protective burglar armor has the advantages of solid tension resistance, side pressure resistance, bending resistance, repeated bending resistance, and rat-bite resistance.

2. It has good flexibility, and the diameter is equivalent to ordinary jumpers, which can save space.

3. When the external force acts on the armored fiber patch cord, it can avoid the fiber's stress and ensure the optical system's stable operation.

4. It can be used as easily as a wire, making wiring easier.

Ⅱ. Structures of the fiber patch cord

High-strength aramid fiber reinforcements ensure that the optical fiber has no tensile strain. The outer diameter is a standard optical cable that is suitable for the application of various connector parts. The flame-supporting, environmentally friendly, or high-temperature-resistant fiber optic cable coating material is adopted. The outer diameter is small, light, and good bending performance, and has high flexibility.

Ⅲ. The application scope of the fiber patch cord

1. It is suitable for directly laying optical cables connected between indoor and outdoor walls, ceilings, mezzanine layers, and ducts. Communication equipment produced with a standard and sturdy structure design, pigtails, and movable connecting lines can be directly used for connection between equipment.

2. Indoor horizontal wiring, vertical wiring in buildings, LAN networks are suitable for connecting multiple information points, and it is recommended to use in the case of direct connection with end-users.

3. Wiring between outdoor buildings and the community backbone network; outdoor fiber jumper wiring is directly introduced indoors to reduce the costs.

4. The pigtail cable is used as the backbone network, which is directly connected from the backbone network to the equipment in the building to isolate the lightning and improve the system's reliability.

5. The minimum bending radius is small, which can be used for large-capacity, multi-client indoor overall laying, and unit wiring and can be used as a branch independently. It can be easily connected to each terminal device.

6. It is recommended for high-density wiring with small installation space and installation curvature.

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