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Classification and Properties of the Pigtail Optical

Publish Time:2021,04,22

1. Classification of the pigtail optical

The pigtail optical are divided into multi-mode fiber pigtail optical and single mode fiber pigtail optical. The multi-mode fiber pigtail is orange with the wavelength of 850nm and the transmission distance of 5Km, and it is used for short-distance interconnection. The single mode fiber pigtail optical is yellow, and there are two wavelengths, 1310nm and 1550nm, and the transmission distance is 10km and 40km respectively.

2. The properties of the pigtail optical

The pigtail optical is an important component of the optical communication system, which is mainly used to realize the two functions of the interconnection of the optical ports between the equipment and the interconnection of the equipment and the fiber core of the optical cable. Different from conventional cables, the pigtail optical core wire has the characteristics of easy breakage and weak tensile performance, and there is no mature on-site processing plan for the interface components, and it is impossible to make a pigtail optical with a suitable length on site according to the actual distance. Therefore, in practical applications, the pigtail optical are usually factory-processed and manufactured according to a certain nominal length series. When installing and constructing on-site, engineers can choose pigtail optical that is longer than the actual distance. Because pigtail optical has the characteristics of discrete length and easy damage, the storage after reeling of the pigtail optical is the core link in the installation, return and storage of pigtail optical.

The inner core of the pigtail optical uses silica glass filaments to carry the optical path. The body is fragile and easy to break. The main line is usually a 48-core ADSS optical cable. The pigtail optical needs to be sheathed in a corrugated tube and placed in the floor compartment or cable sandwich. There is no effective tool assistance in the traditional pigtail optical threading method. Therefore, the operation and maintenance personnel just adopt the traditional method of using brute force to pass the pigtail optical through the corrugated pipe, which causes more fiber jumper damage and higher probability of service interruption.

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