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Features of Structured Cabling System

Publish Time:2021,05,13

Ⅰ. What is structured cabling system?

With the rapid development of computer and communication technology, network applications have become a growing demand for people. Structured cabling is the basis for network realization. It can support the transmission requirements of data, voice, graphics and images, and has become the strong supporting environment for scurrent and future computer networks and communication system. 

The structured cabling system is closely related to the development of intelligent buildings and is the basis for the realization of intelligent buildings. Intelligent buildings have the characteristics of comfort, safety, convenience, economy and advancement, and generally include: central computer control system, building automatic control system, office automation system, communication automation system, fire automation system, security automation system structured cabling system, etc., by optimizing the design of the four basic elements of the building (structure, system, service and management) and their internal connections, it provides an elegant, comfortable, convenient, fast and safe environmental space with reasonable investment and high efficiency. The structured cabling system is the basis for achieving this goal.

Ⅱ. Features of structured cabling system

1. Practicability: 

It can support a variety of data communications, multimedia technologies and information management systems, and can adapt to the development of modern and future technologies;

2. Flexibility: 

Any information point can be connected to different types of equipment, such as microcomputers, printers, terminals, servers and monitors;

3. Openness: 

It can support any network product of any manufacturer, and support any network structure, such as bus type, star type and ring type;

4. Modularity: 

All connectors are standard building blocks, which are convenient to use, manage and expand;

5. Scalability: 

The structured cabling system after implementation is expandable, so that when there is greater demand in the future, it is easy to install and connect the equipment;

6. Economical: 

One-time investment, long-term benefit, low maintenance cost, and minimize the overall investment.

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