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Installer-friendly Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panel

Publish Time:2016,07,11

Siemon offers a wide range of high-density flat and angled copper and fiber patch panels but sometimes rack space is limited. As such, the company’s 1U Copper/Fiber Combo Panel allows copper and fiber ports to be combined within the same rack unit to maximize space and efficiency in data center racks and cabinets. The patch panel accepts Siemon’s plug-and-play metal (PPM) MTP to LC modules or LC adapter plates that each support up to 24 fibers, and copper adapter plates. Adapter plates each fit up to six shielded or unshielded copper outlets, including the company’s high-performance TERA Category 7A, Z-Max Category 6A, Max Category 6, and Category 5e outlets. Designed to be installer-friendly, the combo panel is constructed of lightweight high-strength steel. An integrated grounding strip ensures a proper ground path and cable management for proper strain relief. The combo panel comes complete with tie wraps, grounding kit, and mounting screws.


This is a new item and the demand for the market is few currently, and the Copper and Fiber system solution separately still are mainstream in the market, please review Copperled below link for more information.

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