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How to Distinguish the Network Cables in Good or Poor Quality?

Publish Time:2021,03,01

I. Identify from the network cable logo:

The identification of the three kinds of lines is "cat3", the bandwidth of 10M, suitable for the ten megabit network, but this type has been eliminated; The identification of the five kinds of line is "cat5 network cable", the bandwidth of 100M, suitable for network below 100 megabits; The identity of the super five cables is "cat5e network cable", bandwidth 155M, is the mainstream product; The identification of six kinds of lines is "cat6 network cable", the bandwidth of 250M, used for setting up gigabit network, is the trend of future development. Secondly by looking at this way we can identify most fake 5 kinds/ super 5 kinds lines. The characters printed on a good 5 kinds of line plastic wrapper is very clear, smooth, and largely unjagged. Fakes have poor typography, some are unclear, others are heavily indented. The good 5 kinds cable is marked with the word "CAT5", the super 5 kinds are marked with the word "5E", and the fake ones are usually marked with the letters of "such as CAT5", "5E".

Ⅱ. Feel with your hands:

If the "look" method is still unable to distinguish, you can further through the "touch" method to feel the difference between the true and false CAT5 network cable/5E network cable in the material. The texture of true 5 kinds/super 5  kinds cable is relatively soft, this is mainly to adapt to different network environment needs. Twisted pair cable generally uses copper wire as conductor core, relatively soft (because some network environment may need a small angle bending cable, if the wire is hard it is easy to cause circuit break). In order to reduce costs, some illegal manufacturers added other metal elements in the copper, to make the wire harder, not easy to bend but easy to break in use.

Ⅲ. Cut with a knife:

In this step, simply use scissors to remove a small section of the plastic wrapping to expose 4 pairs of core threads. Here we are still through the "visual" method to further distinguish, the 4 core wires of true cat5 network cable/5e network cable should not be pure white, but in the same color of gray-white with their paired wires. This is mainly to facilitate the user in the production of crystal heads to distinguish the line pair. Fakes are usually pure white or not obvious. Another point is the wending density of 4 pairs of core wires. The wending density of true 5 kinds/super 5 kinds is moderate and is counterclockwise. Fake ones are usually in very low density and may be directed clockwise (less often), mainly because they are easier to make and thus cost less to produce.

Ⅳ. With fire:

You can test the twisted-pair wire in a high-temperature environment to see if the rubber outside the wire will become soft when it is 35℃ to 40℃. The good wire will not become soft, and the false one may become soft. What's more, the glue outside the good wire has flame retardancy but some fake ones do not have, so their safety standards cannot be met. When you buy wires, you might try these methods.

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