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Introduction of the Role of Fiber Optic Adapter

Publish Time:2021,11,17

Fiber optical adapter, also called optical fiber connector, is the centering connection part of optical fiber movable connector.

Ⅰ. What is the fiber optic adapter

Optical fiber connectors are the most widely used optical passive components in optical fiber communication systems. Most optical fiber connectors are composed of three parts, including two optical fiber connectors and a coupler. Two optical fiber connectors are installed into the two optical fiber tail ends. The coupler acts as an alignment sleeve. In addition, the couplers are mostly equipped with metal or non-metal flanges to facilitate the installation and fixation of the connectors.

Both ends of the fiber optic adapter can be inserted into fiber optic connectors of different interface types to realize the conversion between different interfaces such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, E2000, etc. It is widely used in optical fiber distribution frames (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, Instruments, etc., with superior performance, stability and reliability. Some of the fiber optic adapters on the market are also called fiber optic connectors. In fact, these are two different products.

Ⅱ. The roles of fiber optic adapter

Like the fiber optic connector, the fiber optic adapter is also a connecting element in the fiber optic line. The difference is that the fiber optic connector can only be used to connect the same type of fiber optic cable or the same type of equipment. Once it touches two connected fiber optic cables If it does not match the model of the device, it will be blinded.

The fiber optic adapter is different. There are multiple input ports and output ports of different types on the box, which can be easily connected regardless of the type of fiber optic lines and equipment. The fiber optic adapter has another function, which is to establish a signal branch. There are several outlets on the box of the fiber optic adapter, and a branch line can be established for each outlet.

The application range of optical fiber adapters is very wide. First of all, it plays an indispensable role in optical fiber communication networks. Our current network signals use optical fibers. Therefore, optical fibers have almost reached thousands of households. It is inseparable from the role of fiber optic adapters.

Then there is a cable TV network. Some TV signals are also transmitted by optical fiber. In such a cable TV network, a signal source such as a voltage-controlled oscillator is used to generate electrical signals, and then they are converted into optical signals by photoelectric elements. It can be transmitted by optical fiber, and the optical fiber adapter also has a very wide range of uses in such an optical fiber TV signal network.

There is also optical fiber, which can also be used to build some local area networks for internal use by some units, and to establish data connections between some electronic devices. These are also inseparable from optical fiber adapters. It can be seen that the role of the optical fiber adapter in the optical fiber communication network is as essential as the role of the power connector in the circuit.

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