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  • Telecom & Voice System CL-DB-50
    Telecom & Voice System CL-DB-50

Distribution Box 50 Pair

Basic Data of Distribution Box 50 Pair

Product No.: CL-DB-50

Delivery Time: 15-20days

MOQ(Neutral): 100

Package: -

Payment Term:

Sample order: Western Union, Paypal

Formal order: T/T

  • Telecom & Voice System CL-DB-50

Features of Distribution Box CL-DB-50

  • Capacity of box 5 Piecs 10Pair Krone Disconnection Modules

  •  Dustproof box is suitable for Indoor Wire distribution

Material of Distribution Box 50 Pair

  • Material of Plastic Parts: ABS

  •  Material of back mount Frame: 1mm thickness Stainless Stell Size:189mm × 202mm ×105mm.

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