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Some Basic Problems of Structured Cabling System

Publish Time:2021,05,27

The structured cabling system uses various transmission media such as twisted pairs, optical fibers, and various adapters, information sockets, distribution frames and other equipment to construct high-speed information channels in the building group.

Ⅰ. Main features of structured cabling system

1. Comprehensiveness: It can be used as a transmission medium for voice, data, image and control signals.

2. Modularization: The modular design of independent subsystems is adopted to facilitate the expansion and reconfiguration of wiring.

3. Flexibility: Any information point can be connected to different types of equipment.

4. Openness: Support network products of any manufacturer.

Ⅱ. The standardization of structured cabling systems

In the 1990s, there were a series of general standards for structured cabling systems. The promulgation of these standards greatly simplified the complexity of engineering design and greatly increased the applicability. These standards include:

1. EIA/TIA568, ISO/IEC11801, TSB67;

2. EMC Directive;

3. China's building complex and structured integrated cabling standards for buildings.

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