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The Difference Between cat6 Ethernet Cable and cat6e Ethernet Cable

Publish Time:2021,03,08

The development of computer network technology, as well as various of network applications (such as: video conference, high-definition video online the application of the high bandwidth data service), puts forward new demand on network bandwidth, therefore 1000m Ethernet application has been put into use. In order to meet the 1000m Ethernet, cat6 ethernet cables and cat6e ethernet cable were invented, which are superior to five kinds of cabling products. So what are the differences between the cat6 ethernet cable and the cat6e ethernet cable?

Four differences between cat6 ethernet cable and cat6e ethernet cable

1. The physical bandwidth of the cat6 ethernet cable is 250MHz, and the physical bandwidth of the cat6e ethernet cable is 500MHz.

2. The cat6 ethernet cable loop resistance (at 20℃)155 ohm/km, NVP value: 69%, and cat6e ethernet cable loop resistance (at 20℃)150 ohm/km, NVP value: 76%.

3. The cat6 ethernet cable supports 10GBASE-T ten gigabit Ethernet application standard, but its transmission distance is limited. The cat6e ethernet cabling can support the 10GBASE-T Ethernet application standard, meeting the standard application range of 100 meters, without additional external crossover testing.

4. The cat6e ethernet cable usually adopts the way of aluminum foil shielding and aluminum foil total shielding to achieve an extremely good shielding effect against external electromagnetic interference and crosstalk between wire pairs. It is 15-35dB higher than the cross frame structure of the six kinds of unshielded twisted pair in the (1-250MHz) range.

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