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Trunk, Equipment Room and Building Complex Subsystem of Structured Cabling System

Publish Time:2021,06,08

1. Trunk subsystem of structured cabling system

The trunk subsystem is the subsystem that connects the management rooms and equipment rooms in the structured cabling system, also known as the vertical subsystem. The trunk line of the integrated wiring system can choose multi-pair twisted pair or optical cable according to the distance and the user's requirements for transmission rate and transmission quality.

Generally, the voice communication in the building uses the type-3 of large-pair twisted pairs as the backbone; the data communication can use high-quality type-5 of twisted pairs, or optical cables; if the electromagnetic interference is serious, it is recommended to use optical cables as the data backbone. When designing the trunk line subsystem, first determine the trunk line requirements of each floor, sum up the overall trunk line requirements of the entire building, determine the type and size of the trunk cable, and then determine the routing channel of the trunk cable.

2. The equipment room subsystem of structured cabling system

The equipment room subsystem is mainly used for the key equipment of the security network, and its status is very important. Not every integrated wiring system has an equipment room subsystem, but it is usually found in large buildings, and sometimes there is more than one.

The telephone, data, computer host equipment and its security wiring equipment in the equipment room subsystem should be located in one room. If necessary, they can also be set separately, but the program-controlled switchboard and the computer host room should not be too far away from the equipment room. The location and size of the equipment room should be determined by comprehensive consideration of the number, scale, and optimal network center of the equipment. In the design and installation of the equipment room subsystem, the power distribution system (uninterruptible power supply) and safety factors (equipment grounding, etc.) need to be considered comprehensively.

3. Building group subsystem of structured cabling system

The building group subsystem is a subsystem of the structured cabling system, which is composed of the communication transmission medium and various supporting equipment between the connecting building groups. The building group subsystem is also called the outdoor subsystem. In addition to various wired means, its transmission medium can also include other wireless communication means, such as microwave and radio communication.

When the outdoor cable enters the building, it is usually connected to the indoor system through a transfer at the entrance, and electrical protection equipment can be added at the transfer. In modern telephone communication systems, communication lines generally take this into consideration when entering the building group. The main purpose is to avoid the loss of people and equipment due to lightning strikes or contact with high-voltage lines. The building group subsystem cabling methods are as follows: Laying methods of underground pipelines, laying methods in directly buried trenches and overhead, etc.

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