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How is Fiber Patch Cord Specifically Classified?

Publish Time:2020,12,08

1. The introduction of fiber patch cord

A fiber patch cord is used to make patch cord from equipment to fiber wiring links. There is a thicker protective layer, which is generally used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box.

The fiber patch cord is similar to coaxial cables, except that there is no mesh shielding layer. In the center is the glass core through which light travels. The diameter of a multi-mode fiber core is 50μm~65μm, which is roughly equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. While the diameter of the single-mode fiber core is 8μm to 10μm. And the core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core to keep the optical fiber in the core. The outer layer is a thin plastic jacket to protect the envelope.

2. The classification of fiber patch cord

As for fiber patch cord types, it can be divided into the following three fiber patch cord types according to the type of termination: ST-ST, SC-SC, ST-SC. According to the type of fiber, there are two types of single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. The patch cord length specifications are 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, and so on. According to the cabling products outer sheath material, it can be divided into ordinary type, ordinary flame-retardant type, low-smoke halogen-free type (LZSH) as well as low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant type, etc.

According to the fire rating of the building and the fire resistance requirements of the materials, the integrated wiring system should take corresponding measures. When laying cables or optical cables in flammable areas and building shafts, flame-retardant cables, and optical cabling products should be used. Flame-retardant, low-smoke, low-toxic cables or optical cables should be used in large public places. Also, flame-retardant wiring equipment should be used in adjacent equipment rooms or handover rooms.

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