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The Types of Fiber Patch Cords

Publish Time:2022,02,16

Fiber patch cords, also known as fiber optic connectors, are patch cords used for equipment-to-fiber cabling links. They are commonly used in fiber optic communication systems, fiber access networks, fiber optic data transmission, and local area networks. According to the different types of fiber patch cords, there are various classifications, let's take a look.

Ⅰ. Classification of the type of fiber patch cords

1. Single-mode fiber patch cords: generally yellow, the connector and protective sleeve are blue, and the transmission distance is long.

2. Multimode fiber patch cords: generally orange or aqua blue, the connector and protective sleeve are beige or black, and the transmission distance is short.

Ⅱ. Classification of the connector type of fiber patch cords

The fiber patch cords can be divided into FC, ST, SC, LC, MU, E2000, MTRJ, SMA, etc. according to the connector classification. The following is a detailed description of the commonly used fiber patch cords:

1. FC fiber patch cord: FC fiber patch cord is one of the most common connection devices in single-mode networks. Its external reinforcement method is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle. Common on the ODF side (the most common on the patch panel). FC connectors are generally used in telecommunications networks. The advantages are that they are reliable and dust-proof. The disadvantage is that the installation time is slightly longer.

2. ST fiber patch cord: ST fiber patch cord is the most common connection device in multimode networks, and it is also the most common connector type in Base10 fiber optic connections. Commonly used in fiber optic distribution frames. The outer shell is round, the fastening method is turnbuckle, and the core is exposed, which needs to be inserted first, and then rotated half a circle to fix the bayonet.

3. SC fiber patch cord: SC fiber patch cord is a TIA-568-A standardized connector. It was not widely used in the initial stage due to its high price. Later, it was gradually used in connection with GBIC optical modules due to its excellent performance. Commonly found on routers and switches, its casing is rectangular, and the fastening method is a plug-and-pull type. Unlike ST/FC, it does not need to be rotated.

4. LC fiber patch cords: LC fiber patch cords are usually connected to SFP optical modules. The connector is similar to the SC connector, but smaller than the SC connector. The size of the pin and the sleeve is 1.25mm, which is half of the ordinary SC and FC. The fastening method is a socket latch. Its advantages are good performance , and to a certain extent, it can increase the density of optical fiber connectors in the optical fiber distribution frame, and it is a very good single-mode fiber patch cord.

Ⅲ. Classification of the application of fiber patch cords

Fiber patch cords are generally divided into MTP/MPO fiber patch cords, conventional fiber patch cords, armored fiber patch cords, etc.

1. MTP/MPO fiber patch cords: Commonly used in fiber optic line environments that require high-density integration in the wiring process. Its advantage is that it uses a simple push-pull locking structure, which is easy to install and remove, saves time and cost, and maximizes service life.

2. Armored fiber patch cords: Commonly found in computer rooms, suitable for harsh environments. Its advantages are that it does not need to use a protective sleeve, it can prevent moisture and fire, it has antistatic properties and acid and alkali resistance, it can save space and reduce construction costs.

3. Conventional fiber patch cords: conventional fiber patch cords include OS2 9/125 single mode simplex, OM4 40/100Gb 50/125 multimode, OM3 10Gb 50/125 multimode, OM2 50/125 multimode, OM1 62.5/125 multimode , OS2 9/125 single-mode simplex, OM5 50/125 multi-mode these types. Among them, OM5 fiber patch cord is the most popular product at present. It is often used in the application of higher broadband. The outer sheath is aqua green. It has strong scalability, compatibility and interoperability, and can effectively reduce costs.

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